About Us

Mobile Data Books, LLC is a California company that specializes in developing cloud-based, mobile real estate technology. We have been giving mobile access to nationwide property & owner data since 2013. Our apps are proudly Made In U.S.A. We design, develop and maintain our apps in California.

Our story began with the idea to help users quickly find out who owns a property just by touching it on the map. That’s how our TopConnector app was born.

Now, several years later, we decided it was time to change the name of the app. We figured out that the name Top Investor would fit best since our main focus is on helping real estate investors and pros expand their business beyond local areas and into new markets, nationwide.

Our TopConnector app is now called Top Investor!

We believe, getting property data doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. We provide the same data real estate agents use, minus the fees.
No license is required in order to use the app.  Just put it into your pocket and enjoy your data!

In real estate, speed wins.
Top Investor app is the fastest way to find all the data you need on any residential property you want, including off-market properties. The app gives instant access to data on virtually all residential properties in any neighborhood, nationwide. No real estate license is required in order to use the app.

Real estate is a mobile industry.
Investors and agents today demand on-the-go tools. With Top Investor app, you can access property & owner information whenever you need it, no matter where you might be. Busy, on-the-go investors now can get data on any home as soon as they see it.

Real estate markets are not the same. Top Investor app makes it easy to research the entire neighborhood before you decide where to put your money. Now you can export data on all properties and their owners, in any neighborhood. Exports are unlimited and include the most current property, ownership, sales, tax, mortgage data, and more.

Getting data on off-market properties just got easier.
Use Top Investor app to quickly get data on off-market properties and to check lead availability in any area. Whatever your strategy, there’s data for it. Having all the available property & owner data will help you determine a viable game plan.

Real estate is local.
Use Top Investor app to know what’s happening in any local market. Get the numbers at neighborhood level: assessed value ranges, recently sold properties, absentee owned homes, homes with paid off mortgage, flipped properties, and more.

All you need is to touch the map!
Top Investor app makes it extremely easy to research an entire area just by touching properties on the map. Just touch the homes you see on the map. Or, if you know the property address, you can localize your property research around that address. Additionally, you can export selected lists of properties to easily analyze and compare investment opportunities.

Some technicalities.
Top Investor app is a cloud-based software as service (SaaS) solution that gives mobile access to data on virtually all residential properties & their owners in the U.S. Our service is designed to also work offline, which allows users to get data even in areas with weak connection.
We use census tract as a proxy for neighborhood to deliver property lists and statistics at the neighborhood level. Every week, we crunch available data for all residential properties to ensure you will get the most recent facts for what’s going on in every local market, nationwide.

Speed wins! Easily research all properties around you and beyond.

Look Beyond Your Local Area.
Find New Deals. Keep Expanding!

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