Big News! Our TopConnector app is now called Top Investor!

Top Investor App

Get all the data you need on any residential property you want!

Unlimited Exports.  No real estate license needed.

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In Real Estate, Speed Wins!

Quickly research all properties around you and beyond — just by touching the map. 
Export data on every home in your market!

Top Investor app now works even in areas with poor cell coverage.
The perfect app for on-the-go investors!

Real Estate Investors’ favorite app! 
Now available on the App Store.

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 Here's what you'll get if you start right now:

Property Data

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Just touch a home on the map and have all the data in an instant.  You can also search by the property address, if you know it.

   Property APN, address, type, zoning

   Assessed values; values per SqFt

   Previous value; value change

   Tax, tax rate, delinquency, exempt

   Property size; age; beds & baths

   and more...

Owner Info

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Finding owner info is easier than you think!  Use Top Investor app to get info on virtually all homeowners in any neighborhood, anywhere in the U.S.

   Up to two owner names

   Owner type

   Vesting relation

   Owner mailing address

   Absentee status: out of city / state

   Trust identifier

Sale History & Mortgage Info

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Get all the data you need on any residential property you want, including off-market properties. Whatever your strategy, there’s data for it.

   Last & Prior sale price and date

   Document number, transaction ID

   Prices per SqFt

   Property flip

   Mortgage amount, term, due date

    Paid off/close to the mortgage term

 And there is more:

Local Property Lists

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Real estate is local. Get the facts at neighborhood level. Export selected Property Lists to easily analyze investment opportunities in any neighborhood:

   The local mix of property types

   The prevailing value ranges

   Absentee owned homes

   Paid off mortgages

   Higher equity homes 

   Recently flipped homes 

   Recently sold homes

When You Are Out In The Field

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Get property & owner data on virtually every home around you—even in areas with poor cell coverage! Busy, on-the-go investors now can get the most current data on any home as soon as they see it. 

Top Investor app now works off-line. Before going into an area with poor cell coverage, select the respective census tract (or tracts) on the map — that is, just press on the map to select the tract. This way, all data on all properties in the tract will be downloaded into the app and you’ll be able to access it offline later on.

Whether you are in the field or in your office, you can always work offline and save on data plan and battery. Get all the data you need when an opportunity arises, no matter where you might be.

Unlimited Exports

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Export data on a single property or selected property lists based on local data. We use census tract as a proxy for neighborhood to deliver local property data, such as property & owner data, sale history, mortgage info, and more.

The Property Reports and Lists will be exported to the Files app on your device after purchase. Apple’s Files app is a local storage for your on-device files and is included in both, the iPhone and iPad by default. 

In Files you can view, manage and share all your Property Reports and Lists across services like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. 

Why Wait? Get It Now!

Put the app into your pocket and enjoy your data!

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